26-28 January 2018


Frankston Waterfront

Event Information

Pairs - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

Fours - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

Sixes - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

A (advanced), B (intermediate) and Social Grade Competition (beginner)

*Please nominate what grade you want to 

play. Every team will play minimum 2 grading 

matches prior to competition rounds

**Please nominate if you are entering multiple events 

on any given day by 24/2 so we can allow this in fixture

​***There will be a maximum of 24 teams for Sixes and Fours


Sixes $60 

Fours $40

Pairs $30 


Friday 26th Jan - Sixes starting at Midday 
Saturday 27th Jan - Fours starting at 9am 
Sunday 28th Jan - Pairs starting at 9am

Additional Information

- Team members in a men’s or women’s team may also play in a mixed team.
- There will be a round robin structure for each event with a minimum of three games for each team.
- Mixed pairs and fours must contain one person of each gender on court at any one time.
- Mixed 6's minimum of 2 of each gender at any time.


The competition will be conducted under the FIVB rules as adopted by Australian Volleyball Federation