9-11 February 2018


Koombana Beach Bunbury

Event Information

Pairs - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

Fours - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

Sixes - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

A, B and Social Grade Competition


$10 per person


Friday 6pm - Sixes

Saturday 12pm - Fours

Sunday 10am - Pairs

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of team required to conduct division - 3 teams

Additional Information

Team members in a men’s or women’s team may also play in a mixed team.
There will be a round robin structure for each event with a minimum of three games for each team.
Mixed pairs must contain one person of each gender on court at any one time.
Individuals can register for team events and will be placed in a team based on age.


The competition will be conducted under the FIVB rules as adopted by Australian Volleyball Federation