9-11 February 2018


Koombana Beach Bunbury

Event Information

Pairs - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

Fours - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

Sixes - Men’s, Women’s and Mixed team

A, B and Social Grade Competition


$10 per person

Entries Close 3 February 2018


Friday 5:30pm - Sixes

Saturday 9am - Fours

Sunday 9am - Pairs

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of team required to conduct division - 3 teams

Additional Information

Team members in a men’s or women’s team may also play in a mixed team.
There will be a round robin structure for each event with a minimum of three games for each team.
Mixed pairs and fours must contain one person of each gender on court at any one time.

Mixed 6's minimum of 2 of each gender at any time.


The competition will be conducted under the FIVB rules as adopted by Australian Volleyball Federation