Sunday 11th February 2018


Koombana Beach Bunbury


Sunday 11th February 2018


12:45PM - WORKSHOP (5-13YEARS)





 Freestyle Show and Competition - ​FREE

 Workshops - $10 (30mins)​ book online so you don't miss out!

 Speed Course - $5 Online bookings preferred


FREESTYLE SHOW - The X5 Performance will get your palms sweating and heart pumping as you witness a unique display of JUMPS, FLIP, DIVES, TWISTS, TURNS and VAULTS. This extreme exhibit will showcase PROFESSIONAL level of Parkour and Freerunning ability that is not seen anywhere else in Australia! Fun for all ages, this interactive spectacle will be sure to make the hair on your neck stand up and put a big smile on your kids faces for the rest of the day! 

WORKSHOP -  Does your child love to climb and jump off walls? Or want to do crazy stunts like they favourite action her on tv? At X5 Workshops, you can learn the correct way of climbing, jumping and vaulting in a safe environment that is taught by professionals. These workshops will dive into teaching the fundamental movements of Parkour which not only encourage creativity but will also help the next time they fall off the monkey bars. Each

 station within the workshop exercises a different skill, working all aspects of the body which in turn, gives your kids a great workout as well as having fun while they do it. To see more of what we do and the programs we run, check out the video.

FREESTYLE COMPETITION -  X5 competitions showcase an insight into extreme level Parkour, where athletes will push their limits to the max having you on the edge of your seat the entire time! Over 10 competitors will perform their own unique style of Parkour through a specially designed course all fighting for the top prize. Winner is decided on crowd applause level.

SPEED COURSE -  Ever seen shows like Australian Ninja Warrior or Wipeout and thought to yourself that you would love to give it a try? our SPEED COMPETITION will sort the boys from the men and the girls from the women with all types of crazy obstacles thrown at you. Rules are simple, everyone starts in the same place and the timer begins as soon as you leave the start, every contestant must go through every obstacle until they reach the finish where the timer will stop. Their will be Ducking, Weaving, Climbing, Jumping and Vaulting, with only one objective..... To be the FASTEST!!!