Marked out with tape

10m x 19m

Goal Height 3.05m


23-25 February 2018


Lakes Entrance - Main Beach


Women and Mixed
Division 1-4 (1 being advanced level and 4 being beginner level)

*Each team please nominate when registrating which level you
your team would be suited. Each team will then play 2 grading matches
*Max 24 Teams in each category

Teams are playing for the Australian Title of ABG 2018


$70 per team


Saturday 24th Feb Starts at 9am - Women

Sunday 25th Feb Start at 10am - Mixed


​Players & Team Eligibility / Registration

Teams may register up to seven players. Each team has four players on the court at any one time.

In mixed teams, there may be no more than two males on the court at any one time and only 1 male in goal zone and anyone time.

All teams must pay the relevant registration fee and register all players details with online booking registration

A player may only represent one team on that competition day


Daily Registration

All teams must report to the Competition Desk no later than 30 minutes before the first match of the day to check in their team and collect their fixture

The competition will be a round-robin format with finals to be played between top 4 placed teams in a knock out round. 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with winner going through to Gold/Silver Medal Match and Losers to bronze Match


All players within their team must be in team uniform

For competitive teams – players may wear netball dresses, shorts (above the knee), skirts (above the knee) or sports leggings

For come & try – players may wear shorts (above the knee), skirts (above the knee) or sports leggings

Jewellery is not permitted to be worn during matches with the exception of wedding rings and stud earrings, that must be taped

Fingernails must be trimmed or taped

Soft peak hats, sun visors, sunglasses and netball gloves are permitted (providing nails are trimmed or taped underneath)

No shoes are allowed, however players may wear socks

Equipment & Bibs:

Score sheets and match balls will be supplied by CitySide Sports

Teams are NOT required to supply their own bibs

Timing & Substitutions:

Each game will be two x five minute halves, with a two minute break at half time.

The clock will not be stopped for injuries. If an injury is called, the player must be substituted immediately.

If a player cannot be moved then,

o    Prior to the completion of the first half, teams will be awarded 2 points and 5 goals each;

o    After the commencement of the second half, the score stands as at the time of the stoppage

One substitution is allowed for each team immediately after a goal is scored, entering the court from a marked area.

The game will not stop for substitutions to take place.

There is no limit to the number of substitutions per team in a game.

Starting Play / Restarting Play:

First centre pass of the game will be taken by the first named team. The first centre pass of the second half will be taken by the second named team

After each goal is scored, a throw in will be taken from the goal line by a member of the opposing team. The ball must cross the transverse line before the team can take a shot for goal


All players can shoot goals, but only two players from the one team can be in the goal ring at one time

Goals can be shot from in the “goal zone” for 1 point. Goals shot from the “3 pointer zone” (area between the transverse line and the outside of the goal zone) will be worth 3 points.

The umpire will indicate a 1 point goal with one hand raised; a 3 point goal with two hands raised.

Match Rules:

Normal netball rules apply to:

o    Contact

o    Obstruction

o    Held ball (3 seconds)

o    Offside (goal ring) & Over a third

o    Short Pass

o    Replayed ball

o    Out of Court

Standard out of court rules apply. The ball must be thrown in from behind the line where it went out of court including behind the transverse line at far end of court.

o    Stepping

Standard netball rules apply with exception of Dropped Ball / Diving as per below.

o    Dropped Ball/Diving

A player may dive on the sand to catch a ball on the full or claim possession of a ball on the sand (from either own or opposing team) and then either play the ball from the ground or stand up and play the ball. Stepping will not be called in this instance.

Players catching the ball face down on the ground will be allowed to roll onto their backs to pass the ball. The three second rule applies to both the above.


o    When possession of the ball is turned over the team in possession need to play the ball back over the transverse line.

o    A team member must catch or land with the ball with both feet on the ground past the transverse line before continuing to play the ball back towards the goal.

o    There will be no stop in play; the team having completed the crossing of the transverse line immediately continues playing the ball.

o    If a defending player tips or deflects the ball it is not a turnover unless the other team gets possession.