17 March 2019


Waterfront Frankston


Open age - Female , male and mixed




Sunday 17 March 2018 1pm

Players & Team Eligibility / Registration:

Teams may register up to TEN players. Each team has four players on the court at any one time.

In mixed teams, there may be no more than two males on the court at any one time

What is beach handball ?

Beach Handball is a spin on traditional indoor European Handball, a sport that is hugely popular on most continents of the world and is played in the Olympic Games.

Teams consists of 8 players, with 4 on court at once. High skill and fitness levels are necessary because of the sand court, which measures 27 x 12m, including a 6m goal area at either end.

Beach Handball is an extremely spectator-friendly sport as "trick shots" are worth double points, making the already fast-paced game spectacular to watch.

A 360 degree spin shot and a Kempa (alley-oop to another player who catches the ball and then releases in air) are both ways to score two points instead of one.