Sunday 29th April


Nobbys Beach, Newcastle


9.30-11.30am        (beginners, novice, come try, juniors (13 and under))
11.30am-4.30pm  (championships) round robin, followed by Grand Final


Register as a team, or as an individual (will be put onto a team the cost will reflect teams of 10 people) PLEASE SPECIFY SKILL LEVEL


$50 per team. 


Teams may have up to 10 players registered. Teams must have 5 players on field at a time.

Gender split on the field must be 2/3 always.

All teams must pay the relevant registration fee and register all players with the online booking forms.


On the Day Registration. Teams to collect fixtures and score cards at least 10 minutes before the game times.

Uniforms – players must all be in the SAME colour (bring a second colour to avoid clashes)

Equipment – all equipment will be provided by Bunbury Ultimate Inc.

Timing/ Subs – Games will run for 2 x 10-minute halves. A disc flip will determine who starts. Mirror half at 10 minutes. There will be a 2-minute break between halves. No time outs. Subs are to occur as rolling subs with a “tag in”. These can occur at any point.

Scoring – a point is scored when the offence catches the disc in their end zone. They then place the disc on the ground where the goal occurred and immediately resume play as defence. There is no score limit.

Match Rules – Standard Ultimate Rules. *

*changes to scoring – when a point is scored the team who scored puts the disc down and immediately plays defence as the other team take possession of the disc to play offence.

*subs can occur at any time during a game. The gender split on the field MUST remain 3/2

 Court – Beach Ultimate is played on a field 75m long and 25m wide. With 15m deep endzones.