28-29 April 2018


Nobbys Beach Newcastle


1on1, 2on2, 6on6
Open Female, Male and Mixed


$10 per person


Saturday 28th - All 6on6, starting at Midday

​Sunday 29th - All 1on1 and 2on2, starting at Midday

Players & Team Eligibility / Registration

Teams may register up to max 10 players.

Each team has six players on the court at any one time.

In mixed teams, there should be a minimum of 2 girls on court 


CLICK HERE to download 


When entering a team via the registration platform only one person (playing or non playing) needs to enter the details for all team members. The captain needs to make sure they enter all team members names when you get to that question 

Get your teams in now and we'll see you at the beach!

At our Newcastle ABG Dodgeball competition will are also offering our MONEYBALL Format:


WHAT - We will be running a mini cash tournament where players/teams can win COLD HARD CASH.  It's simple to join in the fun, just grab some mates, check out the timetable on each sports page and enter online (or on day if spots are left but we have limited spots) and we will see you there.

SPORTS AVAILABLE - Darts, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, 3x3 Soccer

COST-  Darts Singles - $20, Darts Pairs - $30
Dodgeball $60, Table Tennis Singles $20, Table Tennis Doubles $30

PRIZES - Winning Individual/Team keep 50% of entries fee pool.
Example: 16 Teams enter 3on3 Dodgeball. Pool = (16x$60) $960 = Winning team receives $480


Friday 27th April

6pm - 8pm - Table Tennis - Singles/Doubles
5pm - 7pm - Dodgeball 3 on 3
7pm - 9pm - Darts -  501 - Singles

Saturday 28th April 

5pm - 7pm - Table Tennis - Singles/Doubles
4pm - 6pm - Dodgeball 3 on 3
6pm - 9pm - Darts -  501 - Pairs

Sunday 29th April 

3pm - 6pm - Table Tennis - Singles/Doubles