23-24 February 2018


Main Tent, Main Beach, Lakes Entrance

Age Categories/Awards

Singles and Pairs

Our Lakes Entrance ABG Darts competition will be played under our MONEYBALL Format:

​​WHAT - We will be running a mini cash tournament where players/teams can win COLD HARD CASH.  It's simple to join in the fun, just grab some mates, check out the timetable on each sports page and enter online (or on day if spots are left but we have limited spots) and we will see you there.

SPORTS AVAILABLE - Darts, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, 3x3 Soccer

COST-  Darts Singles - $20, Darts Pairs - $30

Dodgeball $90, Table Tennis Singles $20, Table Tennis Doubles $30, 3on3 Soccer $90 

PRIZES - Winning Individual/Team keep 50% of entries fee pool.
Example: 16 Teams enter 3on3 Dodgeball. Pool = (16x$90) $1440 = Winning team receives $720 


Friday 23rd February

6pm - 9pm - Soccer 3 on 3
6pm - 9pm - Table Tennis - Singles.  
6pm - 9pm - Dodgeball 3 on 3
6pm - 9pm - Darts -  501 - Singles

Saturday 24th February 

6pm - 9pm - Soccer 3 on 3
6pm - 9pm - Table Tennis - Singles.  
6pm - 9pm - Dodgeball 3 on 3
6pm - 9pm - Darts -  501 - Pairs

501 Format

1. Aim of the game:  Each player starts with 501 points. The number of points collected while hitting a board with a dart is subtracted from the given player's points. The winner is the player who scores exactly 0 points that way.  It is a double out game, which means that players must hit a double that makes their score exactly zero to win the game.

2. Bust:  In case of a bust the player's score from the previous turn is restored. There is bust if one of the following events arise.  

a)  The player scores more points in the active turn, than his current score (subtracting would result in a negative score)  

b) The player has 1 point after subtracting (you cannot score 1 with double out)
c) The player has 0 point after subtracting but violates the double-out rule

3. End of the game:  Players continue playing until one of them scores 0 points in total. The player who does so, wins the game.  If none of the players gets to zero in 20 turns, the player with the lower point wins.  If the scores are equal after 20 turns, the game will continue for another possible 10 turns.  During these extra turns, the player who gets to zero obviously wins. A player with lower score any time after the 20th turn also wins the match.  If the scores are equal after 20+10 turns, the match will end in a draw.